I am David de Winter. I’m an artist. :-)

My personal evolution in creation started in advertising in 1996.
For 20 years I’ve worked as an art director for agencies such as Ogilvy, Lowe, Young & Rubicam and Being There. See here: portfolio

During these years I’ve always explored diverse media to express my creativity. My painting alter ego ‘Staaf’ has been putting paint to canvas from 2005 to today. See here: Galerie Staaf.

Countless hours spent on film sets for commercials, triggered my interest to take the directors seat. In that capacity I’ve made some stuff you might find interesting. see here: commercials

It’s hard to shut off creativity. Always looking for integrated (conceptual) visual excellence and synergistic optimization I found myself wondering of in all fields around film making: designing titles, doing stop motion / animation and directing live-action short films and commercials.

My accumulated experience and curiosity naturally lead up to what I do now, the thing I do the best and love the most,


  • conceptually strong
  • multi media
  • integrated & synergetic
  • @ a one stop shop

I’m open to any collaborations with ad agencies, film makers, production companies and brands.

Interested? Please drop me a line @ staaf@chello.nl

Or stop by at my gallery: Bloemgracht 158, Amsterdam

x David